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Bar (C)art: Creating Stylish Bar Carts

With all of life’s wonderful celebrations happening, a secondary “bar” is always a good idea. Bar carts are mobile and once the party is over they can easily be tucked away into a nook, or even serve as a side table in a family room.

I personally am not much of a drinker, but, let’s be honest, bar carts are pretty. If dressed correctly, it can be as pleasing to the eyes as it is functioning to the host or hostess. Here are a few tips in making your Bar cart attractive on a daily basis.

– Always leave an area for flowers or a plant. (P.S. This tip goes beyond the bar cart, wink wink!)

Use colored or textured serve ware, it adds unexpected detail and another layer of interest. Serve ware includes wine glasses, highballs, or old-fashioned glasses, a decanter, a wine and/or an ice bucket.

Books always are a winner.

Pretty liquor bottles. Obviously, if you are actually going to drink it, then pick your favorites. Or maybe you can get lucky and your favorite flavor may be in a pretty bottle. I happen to love St. Germain. It’s a win-win with this liquor, it tastes amazing, and the bottle is beautiful too!


Photo Credit: Top – Julie Blanner. Bottom – James Stuart